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“The baby I ordered vs. the baby I got” – Mother shares funny video of her daughter (Video)



A mother has shared a funny video of her daughter, showing her transformations and some mischievous acts at every stage as she grows.

The video, shared by a user with the handle @lonimie, highlighted the baby’s adorableness as an infant, capturing sweet moments that melt hearts.

As the video went on, the mom revealed clips of her kid doing backflips, giving her a cheeky side-eye, and even experimenting with mischief by throwing items from the drawer.

These scenes showcased the toddler’s burgeoning curiosity and playful temperament, making spectators grin.

The lady wrote: “The baby I ordered vs the baby I got.”

Netizens have filled the comments section with messages for the lovely infant after seeing the TikTok video. The online community shared their joy at observing the baby’s growth and development, praising the trip to her current stage.”

@Daddy’s girl reacted: “Was d side eyes necessary.”

@layofashion___store said: “Our baby eye you, leave her jur. She’s all grown up.”

@Simplydamii said: “You ordered when the company was doing promo.”

@Modest said: “Leave my cute baby to enjoy and express herself biko.” reacted: “It’s the side eye for me.”

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