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Scary story: Actor Emeka Ike Opens Up on Battling Depression, Marital Woes (Video)



Nollywood actor, Emeka Ike, has opened up about a prolonged period of battling depression, marital woes and facing a career downturn within the movie industry..

Watch video below:

The actor, who was absent from screens for a considerable time, shared his story in a revealing interview on Channels Television’s ‘Rubbin’ Minds’, hosted by Hero Daniels.

The actor revealed the painful chapters of his divorce from Suzanne Emma, offering intricate details of the ordeal.

The dissolution of their 14-year-old marriage by a Lagos Island Customary Court in 2017 was marked by Emma’s allegations of incessant battery against thr actor.

Ike disclosed that the subsequent online bullying and social media scrutiny prevented him from publicly addressing the accusations, ultimately resulting in substantial financial losses.

The actor, visibly affected by the fallout, shared the staggering impact on his life, including the closure of his secondary school, St. Nicholas College, and the shutdown of a significant investment amounting to over N480 million.

Ike’s emotional account revealed the pleas from family members, who knelt before the court in a desperate attempt to salvage the marriage.

Despite their efforts, Emma insisted on the divorce, leaving Ike puzzled and questioning the underlying psychology of her decision.

The actor further hinted at a possible external influence, suggesting that his ex-wife might have been coerced or manipulated into the divorce by unnamed individuals.

The interview shed light on the multifaceted challenges, emotional toll, and complexities surrounding Emeka Ike’s journey through this tumultuous period of his personal life.

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