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#PeterObiOnParallelFacts: Akpabio is an uncommon person and I don’t like doing things with uncommon people – Key points by Peter Obi



Key Points

Peter Obi: Even if renovations have been planned since 2010, a government in power should be sensitive to the plights of their people when they are in power..

Peter Obi: Within one month when I resumed office, Nigerian Legal Council shut down the Faculty of Law in Anambra State University. I had to put aside the plan for the Governor’s Lodge building and look into putting that Faculty in order, which is of a higher priority so that the law students will not be thrown out of school.

Peter Obi: The way we are going today doesn’t reflect the bankrupt nature of the country; whether it is going to Dubai or building lodges here and there. We are borrowing for consumption, not investment. So the first thing to do was to apply brakes on consumption; cut aggressively, the cost of governance.

Peter Obi: For the young voters, don’t get disillusioned. That is the plan of your oppressors. With time, we will dismantle this criminality. The money that is being borrowed today by the leaders in their 70s and 80s, will be repaid by you, young Nigerian, with some of them being bonds that are payable in 2040s. Many of these borrowers will not be alive then. For the sake of your children, your country and humanity, don’t give up.

Peter Obi: I’m just a member of Labour Party, I’m not a member of the National Working Committee or Executives of Labour Party. Everything that happens in Labour Party is decided by the managers. However, a party does not stop an elected leader from executing their duties. If I decided to go to COP, Dubai with only 5 people, my party cannot say No. We should not mix those two. A lot of OBIdients were not members of Labour Party. I always advised the NWC to try and carve the best candidates in your primaries because I, Peter, cannot control it. The idea of democracy is to look at who is the best candidate and vote for the person.

Peter Obi: The Zero-Carbon idea of COP will be negotiated because we are yet to be developed. We cannot just go along with their ideas when we are yet to be developed. China weren’t going along with them, but not that they have achieved development, they can now afford to look towards Zero-Carbon. For us, we have other critical problems like hunger to tackle first. So we will negotiate with them and let them see what we are trying to achieve.

Peter Obi: No Nigerian Governor, since my time, that has been able to save $1. There is no law that mandates Peter Obi to save. I have been accused of saving money and eating up the interest. Imagine if every Nigerian leader has been saving money for the country, and eating only the interest. The capital we will have now would have been very beneficial.

Peter Obi: Fidelity Bank is not tied to my name. It has about 500,000 shareholders. Also, Access Bank of Nigeria and Diamond Bank of Nigeria. I invested about 60 million dollars in bonds in each of the banks. Imagine if Anambra had that value today, which should be about 300 million dollars at the current value of over N1000 to a dollar

“The people with the old order are the ones promoting tribal bigotry and they are saying they’ll crush this Peter Obi. Our country is divided by politicians who want it like that because of their selfish gains,” -Peter Obi on Parallel Facts.

“When there was bomb blast in Kaduna that killed our innocent Muslim brethren, I went there, those shouting Muslim Muslim ticket did not go there.” -Peter Obi on Parallel Facts.

The Senate President is an uncommon person and I don’t like doing things with uncommon people. I won the election not just in Lagos and Ebonyi, I won the elections in Nigeria. If not for Nigeria being an uncommon place we all know what happened. – Peter Obi replies Sen Akpabio.

Nobody serious goes around looking for Foreign investors. It is like Bee and Honey. Foreign investors only stay where there is rule of law; not a society governed by rascality – Peter Obi

“Quite frankly, let me thank the movement. Thank you for all you do. I want the movement to stay together. Don’t see it as if you’re doing all these for Peter Obi but for yourself. I assure you, I’ll never let you down. You’ll never find me wanting,” – Peter Obi

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