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“My husband na Odogwu” – Nigerian lady says, shows off her Igbo husband’s lavish mansion in village (Video)



A Nigerian woman recentl took her followers on a virtual tour of her Igbo husband’s lavish mansion in the village.

The video showcased the grandeur and opulence of the residence, leaving viewers in awe of its beauty and splendor.

The woman identified as @princessjay___1 on TikTok not only highlighted the luxurious aspects of the mansion but also celebrated Igbo culture.

From architectural elements to intricate interior designs, the mansion exuded a sense of cultural pride, captivating viewers with its fusion of modern luxury and traditional aesthetics.

Netizens were left stunned by the woman’s exclusive glimpse into her husband’s luxurious village mansion.

The video garnered a wave of awe and admiration, with viewers expressing their fascination with the opulence and grandeur of the residence.

@Sommie said: “If u people ever see me marrying for love eeh use slap wake me them don charm me.”

@ikemobasi said: “Come na only igbo pple dey do christmas.”

@Chioma Divine said: “There’s no logical reason why I shouldn’t be wealthy.”

@Dorhis reacted: “Showing things is good o but u all to be careful it’s Christmas time the high rate of kidnapping in village is rampant…be safe out dere.”

@Miracee21 said: “I greet the cleaners.”

@mz_sugarp reacted: “God please dash me one Igbo good rich handsome man.”

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Watch the video below:

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