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Mechanic heartbroken as he pays N1.7m for Canadian visa, agent takes him to Ivory Coast



A Ghanaian mechanic’s hopes for a better life in Canada were dashed, leaving him not only empty-handed but also betrayed by a longtime friend who acted as an agent..

The unfortunate incident occurred when the man, hoping for a better future, became a victim of a deceptive scheme orchestrated by someone he considered a trusted ally.

The depressed mechanic recounted the events that led to his disastrous situation in an online video.

The man, whose identity has not been revealed, revealed that his dreams of relocating to Canada were fueled initially by a Facebook post from a purported friend who claimed to have successfully completed the journey and was now living a prosperous life.

Eager to seize the opportunity for greener pastures, the unsuspecting mechanic quickly sold his two cars and parted with a substantial sum of money—three thousand Canadian dollars, equivalent to N1.7 million—entrusting his aspirations to his friend-turned-agent.

Following the advice of the agent, the hopeful Ghanaian travelled to the Ivory Coast, where he was promised an important interview that would pave the way for his migration to Canada.

However, when the mechanic arrived in the Ivory Coast, he was met with a harsh reality: his friend’s claims were nothing more than a ruse.

The alleged agent, who had convinced him of a lucrative business opportunity in Canada, confessed, leaving the victim in shock and despair.

The mechanic, now back in Ghana, bravely shared his harrowing experience in an effort to raise awareness about the perils of such travel scams.

“When I arrived there, my friend, who claimed to be in Canada, visited me after I went for the said interview in the Ivory Coast. She confessed that there was a business opportunity in the country and wanted me to join. At that point, I felt very sad and told my friend that her deceit had negatively affected me,” the mechanic said in part.

Expressing his deep sadness, he recounted the emotional toll of realizing that he had been swindled by someone he had considered a friend.

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