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Man cancels wedding on D-Day after finding out bride allegedly slept with her ex-boyfriend few days to ceremony



Man cancels his wedding on D-Day after finding out that the bride reportedly slept with her ex-boyfriend a few days before their ceremony in Plateau state.

According to the report, the wedding ceremony was meant to hold on December 16, 2023 in Ganawuri, Riyom Local Government Area of the state.

The makeup artist revealed that she was just about to start making up the bride when the family appeared and canceled the wedding.

Linda Gagara added that in that moment, the bride immediately called the groom in order to hear from him, and he told her that he had no interest in getting married to her anymore.

From one of the comments, it was gathered that the man got to know about her infidelity during the Sendforth prayers ( Plateau cultural event held for brides a few days before their wedding).

The said ex-boyfriend had bragged, during the Sendforth, about sleeping with the bride without knowing that it was the groom he was telling.

She wrote …

“I really saw something today as the makeup artist of the bride to be. Since yesterday nite that I was with her (bride) n family, to this morning when it was called off,” she wrote.

“Wedding that was supposed to happen at dime minute when I was about to start up makeup, ended up just like that. So You mean even on d day of your wedding, your guy or whosoever can just wake up and decide “Ya kare!!! Oh Lord.

“No matter what manna. I cried…like a baby on #transit when returning home this morning, from #Kagoro/Ganawuri to Jos. I Cried silently for no one to notice in the car.

“Was just imagining the pain…how this Gal feels. Hmmmm…On Her supposed day of happiness. At dime minute. Just Time that I was to start up Her makeup to go to church. Oh Lord… I’ve never seen a thing like this before. Allah ya isa!!! Ladies go through lot. I’m sad. Really sad. Wallahi, Bai Yi ba.”

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