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“I’m too young to argue with overused prostitute whose mum is a retired ashawo”- Phyna scorns Blessing CEO



Phyna, a popular reality star, has ignited a fierce social media feud with relationship therapist Blessing CEO, dragging her and her late mother into a public feud that has stunned fans..

The feud started when a hairstylist publicly chastised Phyna for allegedly refusing to return borrowed hair for a movie premiere.

Phyna launches a verbal attack on the CEO of Blessing and drags her late mother into a new social media feud

Taking advantage of the situation, Blessing CEO took to social media earlier today to criticise Phyna’s actions in relation to the hair vendor’s accusations.

Phyna retaliated a few hours later with a scathing Instagram post, insulting Blessing CEO and involving the therapist’s late mother in the controversy.

The reality star even went so far as to call Blessing CEO a “overused prostitute” and her mother a “retired ashawo.”

She accused Blessing CEO of living a phoney life and implied that the therapist made money in questionable ways.

In the words of Phyna;

“Blessing CEO I’m too young and successful for an old over used prostitute like you to be burning your time on…. I understand your mother is a retired ashawo and has handed over to you the old and wide punni to use on dod women’s husband….. Blessing I am bigger than you and all “the female in your family pel chill pill…… I too so take a big pass you…failed human. Make I shoe wardrobe so that you come rob me cheap theif

See below;

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