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Futo best graduating student, Henry Anozie, with cgpa of 4.93 in Mathematics shares how his carpenter father was his motivation (Video)



Futo best graduating student, Henry Anozie, shared how his family background and carpenter father was his source of motivation.

The young man made this public in an interview where he was asked what helped him with getting a 4.93 cgpa in Mathematics.

He claimed that he gave 70% focus to his academics while the rest of his attention was on other activities.

Henry acknowledged God made everything possible and another factor was his humble background.

He explained that his father was a carpenter and while he was in school, he had the image of his father driving nails into wood to motivate him.

Admitting what set him apart from other students, he states that he made sure to read for 12 hours everyday from his 100 level to final year.

Advising other students who want to be like him, he told them to recognize God as important and read and pay attention in school as getting good grades does not happen by chance.

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