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“All the ladies showing off their bodies in the internet are christians” – Apostle michael orokpo Lament (Video)



Apostle Orokpo, recently addressed the issue of modesty among Christian women, especially on social media. He observed a trend where Christian women, as opposed to their Muslim counterparts who termed as “Amina” frequently display their bodies online.

He challenged the justification that education and exposure drive such behavior, noting that Muslim women, often equally educated and exposed, do not usually wear similar dress codes.

Orokpo expressed concern over the misuse of Christian freedom to justify actions that, in his view, contradict the faith’s teachings on modesty. Some female netizens also rushed to express the same message to Christian male counterparts.

Also recall that yesterday, Tontrends had reported that Pastor Jerry Eze had shared his thoughts on the unique challenges faced by religious leaders. In a sermon, he spoke on the expectations placed on pastors in Nigeria.

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