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Brave man Mr Beast buried alive, wants to break record and stay inside coffin for days (Video)



MrBeast, the American content creator who built 52 wells in Kenya, recently undertook a daring challenge that left netizens concerned for his safety.

MrBeast, whose real name is James Stephen “Jimmy” Donaldson, is known for expensive stunts, challenges, and philanthropic actions, like paying for 1,000 people’s cataract removal surgeries.

However, his latest move left many stunned. For seven days, MrBeast was buried alive in a coffin, attempting to break his own record of 50 hours.

The 25-year-old YouTube star had previously done the same stunt two years ago to raise awareness of deforestation. This time, he wanted to challenge himself and his fans by staying underground for a week.

In a video he shared, the YouTuber was seen placed in a casket dressed in a suit, white shirt, and tie, holding onto a bouquet of red roses.

“I am going to spend the next seven days buried alive beneath 20,000 pounds of dirt. This is the scariest thing I have ever done,” he said His custom-built casket was equipped with enough food and water to last him the duration of the stunt. It also had limited room for movement.

Additionally, cameras and lights were fitted into the coffin to monitor the YouTuber at all times. He communicated using walkie-talkies with his friends who were above ground. The philanthropist suffered back pain from lying down for too long, with doctors worrying that he might develop blood clots.

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However, he said that his greatest challenge was not physical but mental, grappling with moments of emotional distress throughout the ordeal. His friends attempted to uplift his spirits with humour as he struggled with mental strain. MrBeast was finally dug up after crossing the seven-day mark. He said that he felt a rush of blood as he stood up for the first time. “Please don’t try this at home, lol,” he warned those watching his stunt.

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