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“I go dey faint every night” – Netizens react after lady living close to cemetery shared her situation



According to the lady, the deceased persons buried at the cemetery are her neighbours as she showed her environment where the graveyard could be seen.

The video rapidly went viral, prompting discussions among internet users. Nigerians in a similar predicament swarmed the TikTok comments section of The_ccy1’s video, saying they as well live near a graveyard.

Some people joined in the fun, joked about having “quiet neighbours” and seeking consolation in the calm atmosphere. While others also express their fear in living in such environment.

Read some comments below…

@Dire said: “Neighbors on the other side.”

@Kingsley said: “Ghost yel go too much for area 0o.”

@PiNK Chocolate said: “At least you have quiet neighbours.”

@Ademi Bankz said: “Whenever I pass here omo my head go wan burst.”

@praise said: “Same here.”

@Raffy reacted: “Omo Walai I go Dey faint every night bad imagination go kill me.”

@iammustylinks said: “Cemetery/Glover, when you live on cemetery street, so what do you expect..”

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