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“This man funny” – Man and his goat enjoy jollof rice in same plate



A man and his goat share a close relationship, which has stirred much interest among social media users. In an interesting video posted by @ogaemmaupdate, the man interacted with his goat like a human.

The man had a tray filled with jollof rice on a table before him, and the goat was invited to partake. Surprisingly, the goat joined the man to share the meal, just like a human.

What shocked many people was the gentility and carefulness with which the goat enjoyed the meal. The domestic animal felt relaxed, enjoying the meal from one part of the tray and leaving the other for the man.

TikTok users who watched the video are surprised that a goat could be that friendly with its owner.

@Joachim Chenyi said: “After being disappointed by friends, brothers and family, you grow to understand animals could be better friends.”

@Dorcas Daniel9263 commented: “The best way of living now. The world is wicked.”

@sandra said: “Maybe he has been dining with frienemies. He just realised that animals are far better than frienemies.”

@expensive said: “Having a close and emotional bond with your food is another level of happiness.”

@afamcokorie said: “I never knew goat eats rice. If not today.”

@Arindaar john commented: “Is better than a bad friend.”

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