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Police officers gobsmacked after encountering a “deaf” driver and passenger (Watch Video)



Police officers were filmed struggling to communicate with two “deaf” men after they stopped their car in South West, Nigeria.

In a video shared online, a police officer is seen questioning a driver after stopping him. However, the driver and his passenger responded by gesturing with their hands.

The officer became confused and asked if they were deaf and dumb. Both men replied with their hands.

“You can’t hear?” What if I press the horn?” the officer asked.

The men continued to gesticulate.

The officer then asked for their driver’s license and called his colleague to inform him that the men claim to be deaf and dumb.

After looking through the license, the officers proceeded to motion for the men to give them money.

However, the men signed back that they did not have any money.

The officers eventually allowed the men to leave but they soon encountered another police officer who stopped them and also asked for a bribe even after they used their hands to communicate their “auditory challenge”.

It is not clear if the men are really deaf or not.

Watch the video below.

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