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“You’re going nowhere, pay me my money” – Okada driver confronts policeman over transport fare (Watch Video)



A young okada rider accosts and ‘arrests’ a police officer over refusal to pay his transport fare.

A video making rounds on the internet captures a policeman and a motorcycle rider arguing over transportation fare.

In the video, the motorcyclist revealed that the policeman stopped him and boarded to be transported to a certain location where the policeman claimed he’ll receive 15,000 naira.

On reaching the location, the policeman refused to pay for the transport service rendered to him. This lead to an altercation that gathered people in the neighbourhood to the scene.

Explaining to the crowd, the engraged motorcyclist threatened not to allow the policeman leave the scene without paying him his money.

In his words he said,

“Why you go carry me come here?
You tell me say if we come here, you go collect fifteen thousand naira here.
Oga you go give me my money today, if you no give me my money today, I go change am for you.”

Speaking to his colleagues in hausa, the motorcyclist said, “If I don’t take this gun away from this man today, then I’m a nobody. If I grab this man, I must take his gun away from him.”

Watch the video below:

This got reactions from some netizens:

@popsdforce said: “Shameless police man”

@obiajumike lamented: “These men are poor, we tried to protest so they can have a better life, they shot at us”

@thefoodnetworknig2 commented saying: “If Aboki teh you say he go change am for you…otilo, You’re in big soup 😂”

@throwbacknaijatvv wrote: “For this expensive Tinubu fuel? Oga pay him jor, who be ur guy”

@effedeborah said: “Civilian don arrest police.. who go settle this matter now? 😂”

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