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Biggie introduce new housemates to the BBNaija All-Stars 2023 (List)



As the drama intensifies, here are the new housemates who have been introduced to the BBNaija All-Stars 2023.

The organisers of the reality TV series BBNaija All-Stars 2023 have fueled the ongoing drama in the house with their latest plot twist of introducing a new set of housemates on the show.

The Big Brother Naija All-Stars season is approaching the end of its fourth week, and fans had initially been anticipating any new developments, and they were not disappointed in any way as new housemates were introduced to the show.

Since the show’s commencement on July 23, 2023, rumours of new housemates entering have sparked excitement and speculation. These expectations have now been met, but it remains unclear how this twist will affect the dynamics in the house.

The house is already filled with people who have strong personalities, alliances, and rivalries. Adding new contestants would likely stir things up, creating emotions. Long-time friends may be put to the test, while new relationships may form and change the balance of power.

The new housemates are:



Kim Oprah

Prince Nelson

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