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“Trust No Man” – Drama at Traditional Wedding as Groom Refuses Palm Wine From Bride



It is the norm at Igbo traditional weddings that the groom receives palm wine from his bride, drinks it and dances forward with her to receive marital blessings after putting money in the container used in delivering the drink. However, the reverse was the case at a recent traditional wedding, and this stirred reactions online.

The moment caught on camera by a lady showed the groom pouring the palm wine on the ground after his bride handed it to him.

He then got up and proceeded forward with his bride, who seemed not to mind his action of not drinking the palm wine.

The lady, who shared the clip, wondered why the groom refused to drink the palm wine as the wedding custom demanded. Watch the video below:

Queen Mira said: “The man did the right thing because of poison Omo who God their save making the save himself.”

Sweetchiomy said: “I personally threw my drink away while trying to knee down & handed my hubby empty cup… The world is wicked.”

christabelchioma6 said: “Had it been my dad is alive,my future husband will drink it but since he is late,my husband will never drink it.”

Kwinsandie said: “If e reach ur turn tell ur husband to drink am make the blessings reach u well well.”

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PRADO MONEY said: “Yhu want make dem charm am, ND again the 3 gods must drink first ND bless d marriage.”

JOY OBIEZE said: “Calm down dear…. Many things are beyond your understanding….. they world now not as it was before .. the guy wise.”

Tyrex?¿ said: “Taaaa.. u no no say pple de wicked.. omo trust no man… .. wen I did mine I didn’t drink it.. ah also poud mine away.”

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