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“The husband I knew is no more there but I still love him” – Joke Silva reveals marital struggles with Olu Jacob



Nollywood actress Joke Silva has recently opened up about the marital struggle she and her husband, Olu Jacobs, have been facing as he battles with dementia.

In a heartfelt interview with media personality and actress Nancy Isime, Silva discussed how the illness has affected their marriage.

Silva described her husband as an incredible father and an amazing husband who fulfilled his responsibilities without fail.

She reminisced about their early years together, emphasizing that Jacobs was not only her best friend but also her everything in their marriage. However, the progression of his ailment has brought significant changes to their relationship.

Silva expressed, “It has not been easy… There was a point of acceptance for me that everything happening is reality and it is like the person I married, 80 percent of the time is no longer there.”

“But the thing is this when he was there, he was an incredible father to his children and an amazing husband, he was practically my best friend.”

Despite the challenges posed by Jacobs’ dementia, Silva continues to hold deep affection for him.

She acknowledged that the love and affection they once shared are no longer as present but emphasized her enduring love for him, saying, “The husband I knew is no more and there for me, but this man that is here is someone I still love.”

Having been married for 37 years, with a total of 42 years knowing each other, including five years of dating before tying the knot, Silva acknowledged the initial difficulties they faced as they navigated through the early stages of their marriage.

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She ultimately came to accept the reality of their situation and now sees herself as caring for her father rather than in a conventional husband-wife relationship

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