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Man who faked his death shows up at his funeral in a helicopter to “teach his family a lesson” (Video below)



A 45-year-old Belgian man played an elaborate prank on his family by faking his death and getting them to mourn him.

David Baerten showed up during the burial ceremony organised for him and explained why he faked his own death.

A video which has gone viral shows when he arrived at his “funeral” in a helicopter, to the shock of his loved ones.

David explained that he did all that to teach members of his family a lesson about the importance of staying in touch with one another.

In the footage, family members could be seen looking on curiously as the helicopter was flying into the venue for the burial.

The moment they spotted David alighting from the chopper, everyone was overwhelmed with mixed emotions. They rushed closer to give him a deep hug one by one and heaved big sigh of relief that he was still alive.

Watch the video below:

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