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Writer details why parents should create time for their kids with heartbreaking story



A Nigerian writer has given reasons on why parents should create time for their kids using a rather bitter experince.

Taking to her official Facebook page, the writer detailed the childhood experience of a friend of hers, who went through abuse, in the hands of a neighbour.

According to the lengthy post, her friends parents were so busy that they barely had time for her. Her mum opted for letting a neighbourr pick her up from school. Unknown to them she got sexually abused by the Neighbor, identified as Aunty Esther.

The friend in question was only 8 years old at the time.

She wrote:

“My friend said when she was 8 years old, her mom’s friend picked her up from school, and she also stayed at her place till her mom came back from work.

Her mom work with Unilever then, her mom friend travelled, then her mum talked with one sister in the neighborhood to please pick her up in school. also gave her feeding money. The aunty gladly agreed to take care of my friend; her mom was so happy.

When she got back from school that day, Aunty Esther locked the door. She undressed her and said she should touch her brf@st. Aunty Esther put her hand in my friend v g she said she pointed a light touch in her v g, she don’t know what she was checking but she was trying to use her finger to cut something inside her V g, and the p@in was too much, cos she spread her legs too.

Then someone was singing at the corridor trying to approach the door, then she immediately stopped and wore her pants for her; it was Aunty Esther’s brother she opened the door for him and didn’t continue the act. Then my friend said she felt the urge to wee, so she went to the toilet and the pain was so much that it was as if she had a Blade cut in her vagina she manage to wee.

Her mom came to pick her up later in the evening, and she didn’t tell her anything Aunty Esther already warned her not to tell anyone.. her mom called her friend the following day to see whether she was back, she said no. Then her mom said she would stay at Aunty Esther’s place she obliged, then she started to cry.

Her mom didn’t ask why because she was already late for work. She took her to her mother’s place. And she felt relieved and a little bit happy. Her Mom must have Thought she would be safe at aunty Esther’s place since she’s a lady.
Husband and wife should not do a white collar job; husband can while the wife does business that would enable her to watch over her kids.”

Wife a banker, husband a banker is. a no. who would watch over the kids? I forgot to add her dad work at the airport while her Mom work at Unilever.. they don’t have time. Be friends to your kids don’t be too rigid, have time for them, ask them questions.. charity they said begin from home.

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