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Nigerian lady demolishes mother’s old house, builds bungalow



A Nigerian lady known as Chizzy has built a now house on the same plot of land where the old house sat.

She demolished the dilapidated house her parents used to live in and decided to erect a bungalow for her mother.

Chizzy took to her Twitter account to share a series of photos showing when the former house was being demolished and the new crib after its completion.

She noted that she did it for her mama and gave thanks to God for enabling her to complete the building project.

When asked if she did not do same for her father, Chizzy said he is late, but had he been alive she would have bought him a car.

She captioned the photos; “I did it for Mama🤗 🥰🥰 Glory be to God for helping & seeing me through on this project, I am so grateful.”

@SonOfMuoghalu commented; What about Papa? I dey fear my kids will do this to me one day…

Chizzy replied; If papa dey alive na to buy am sweet ride 🚘 but he’s late.

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