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“Your Mummy will kill me” – Man ties daughter on Mannequin’s back when wife goes out, baby’s face got many talking (Video below)



A Nigerian man has shared how he tied his little daughter on a dummy’s back anytime his wife goes out.

In the video shared online, the man revealed that his wife was away for a while and she left their child with him to babysit till she returns.

Instead, he used a wrapper to tie his baby to the mannequin’s back because she was disturbing him as he claimed in the clip.

He also mentioned that he cannot back a baby by himself and that was why he had to tie it to the available mannequin.

He hailed the dummy for doing a great job and went ahead to tease the baby calling her his princess and asking her not to move.

In his words, “So my wife is not around, and she left me with the baby and she’s been disturbing me very much. I don’t know how to back so I had to back her on this dummy, at least this dummy is doing a great job.”

Watch the video below:

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