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Wife creates a scene after catching her husband in spa with his side chic (Video)



An African woman learnt that her husband took his mistress to a spa for some pampering and she decided to surprise him..

She stormed the spa and threw a tantrum in the establishment when the employees initially wanted to deny her access to the inner chambers.

In a trending video, she barged into the spa room and saw her husband lying down side by side with his side chic while being attended.

The wife then started confronting him while they were still on the bed with towels wrapped around their bodies.

Another couple that were also in the spa came out of their special rooms when they heard the noise, however, they went back inside.

The person recording the drama followed the woman stylishly so that he can get more up-close footage, but the woman later spotted him and wanted to transfer the aggression to him.

Watch the video below:

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