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This Is Why Thomas Partey’s Shirt Has “Thomas’ Instead of “Partey” On It This Season



Thomas Partey has been essential to Arsenal’s outstanding season thus far, which has seen them comfortably hold the top spot in the Premier League.

Partey, who stands right behind Mikel Arteta’s dynamic attacking four, is one of the most crucial players for his team.

The midfielder has been a regular for Arsenal ever since moving to England from Atletico Madrid in 2020.

Due to his increase in prominence this season, many of his followers have begun to question why his first name rather than his last name is printed on the back of his shirt.

Why does Thomas Partey’s shirt say “Thomas”?

Partey has Thomas written clearly on the back of his jersey for a very simple purpose.

He admitted to the club that he had noticed Parteys all over the place after joining three years prior: “Even the photographer questioned me why I don’t use Partey on my shirt.

I said that I needed to stick with Thomas because I started with him and he is well-known to the public.

Before moving to England, the Ghanaian usually wore his first name rather than his last name on his jersey when playing for Atletico Madrid.

Partey disclosed that he has entirely changed his name after converting to Islam from Christianity at the beginning of 2022.

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He adopted the name “Yakubu,” but the change was not seen as formal, so others would continue refer to him as Partey.

As a result, he continued to wear the name Thomas on the back of his shirt and has done so while playing for Arsenal in the Premier League.

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