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“Skiibii stole my phones, Laptop and other valuables during our vacation to Zanzibar” – DJ Dorcas Fapson alleges (Video below)



Popular Nigerian disc Jockey, Dorcas Shola Fapson better known as DSF in a recent interview alleged that her ex-boyfriend, singer Skiibii stole her phones, Laptop, Watch, cards, money among others during their vacation to Zanzibar.

Recall that a couple of months ago, DSF and singer, Skiibii were busy offending in Fendi until she publicly threw shade at her estranged boyfriend, Skiibii.

Ever since their relationship hit the rock, DJ Dorcas Fapson who is also an actress and Skiibii are well known for throwing shade at each other, with DSF mostly known for saying Skiibii is living a fake life. She literally claims that she fed Skiibii while they were dating. She also added that dating Skiibii was her biggest loss as it wasn’t love but a Jazz.

However, DJ Dorcas Fapson while on the podcast, #WithChude hosted by media personality, Chude Jideonwo said people always think is crazy, toxic ex, mad person for always doing the talking about her relationship with ex, Skiibii and by extension discloses what really happened in that famous Zanzibar trip.

In the clip, Dorcas claims that after her booking in Uganda, she calls her then love interest Skiibii and told him that he would like to visit Zanzibar in Tanzania and that would be her first time as she always wants to be there.

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She said that, Skiibii accepted that but told him that he doesn’t have money and also would like to go with his manager and the manager will also goes with his wife.

Dorcas said, she agrees, then it becomes a couple trip and they all landed together in Zanzibar and that was just the beginning.

After taking some snaps on his phone that particular day, Dorcas said, Skiibii gives her a drink and she later passed out. She further added that when she wakes up in the money, her 2 phones were no where to be found including her laptops, credit cards, Rolex watch, cash among others.

She asserts that Skiibii was so calm although he told her that his chains and watch were also stolen. DSF uttered that Skiibii advised her not to tell anyone about it at that moment.

According to DJ Dorcas Fapson, they left the place, then moved to somewhere else before they finally arrived Nigeria the next day and she bought a phone.

Surprisingly to her, DJ DSF during the interview with Chude Jideonwo said Skiibii was later spotted with the Rolex wrist watch he claimed was also stolen.

Watch the video below;

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