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Peter Obi Reacts To AY’S Remark On The Stress He’s Going Through To Campaign For The Election



Moments ago, during a live question and answer session with the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi, Nigerian actor and comedian, Ayo Makun also known as AY questioned Peter Obi on his recent campaigns and the stress he may have gone through while traveling across different parts of the country.

After exchanging greetings, AY said to him;

“I know we’ve been putting you through a lot of stress like I was told that you had to go to Niger, you just came back from the UK, from UK you had to quickly dash to Kaduna and then, how has it been? I mean, going round and making sure the mission is accomplished, how has it been so far?”

Reacting to the question, Peter Obi noted that as someone looking for a job, he had to be at anywhere he’s called for an interview.

He said to AY;

*Like every other person looking for job wherever they have Interview, you have to go. If you apply for a job, there’s no way you’re looking for job and you apply to different companies and when they tell you that you have to go, whether it’s convenient or it’s not convenient for you, you have to go there. I’m looking for a job so I have to be everywhere for the interview.”

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