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Mum returns from abroad after 9 years to find out daughter spent N7.4m she sent



Jane Wambui Mburu toiled in Saudi for nine years hoping to make her life and that of her son and 25-year-old daughter Hottensia Wambui better.

During that period, the 42-year-old single mum left her only daughter to take care of the little brother and rented them a house in Kiambu town, Kenya.

While she was away, Wambui’s daughter got a son whom the caring mother agreed to pay for private school for, just like her son.

As time went by, the mother started feeling she could no longer continue working in Saudi Arabia due to her advanced age and the nature of her work.

At the back of her mind, she knew she was going home to settle as she had been sending money home to be kept in an account, only to arrive and get the shock of her life.

“She kept assuring me that the money was very safe in her account, almost KSh 2 million. When I came back in December I realised she looked very worried and disturbed,” Wambui told Kenya’s’s Hillary Lisimba.

Upon investigation, it dawned on her that her daughter has been living large with the money and treating her friends. Even worse, she recently took a car on loan and put in a deposit of KSh 500,000 (N1.8 million) and signed an agreement that she will be depositing KSh 62,500 (N232K) every month.

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“Three months down the line she only received KSh 10,000 (N37k) from her friend driver who has been using the car as a cab. The driver told her business is slow,” said the disappointed mother.

According to her, the boyfriend advised her to take the car and park it, which she did until the Mazda Demio was repossessed. The company told Wambui to deposit KSh 380,000 (N1.4 million) for them to give back the car.

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