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Man Returns From Abroad, Catches His Fiancé Doing Runs In Hotel



A Nigerian man who has been residing in Turkey has caught his fiance doing runs in a hotel. Video creator Sonia who arranged the loyalty test between the two love birds shared the shocking clip of the whole drama on Facebook.

According to Sonia, the man sends the lady upkeep money every month and had opened a boutique of N6.5 million for her in Nigeria, but she still accepted to do a runs job of N150k.

The gig was a same s*ex one and the lady agreed to meet Sonia at the hotel. But on her arrival, she found out that the client was her man.

The shocked lady began to plead with her man as she tried to lie her way out of the mess, but her fiancee wasn’t having it. Things got messy as she would then take her anger out on Sonia by fighting her. Sonia said that their traditional wedding was supposed to hold on February 13.

Social media reactions:

Zoyaari Gladys said: “I don’t know why such luck hasn’t located those who need it yet. “Some of us don’t even know what hook*up is and are dedicated to society but still can’t get someone to love or support your course. “Well God have mercy.”

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Ednah Jasper said: “Imagine cheating on a guy that dose all this for you girls what exactly is the color of our problem kaiiiiii . “We that are good girls are busy falling in the hands of people that don’t like us. What a life.”

Jeremiah Odinakachi said: “If you’re traveling to lagos from ananmbra, once you pass onitsha head bridge, come down from the bus, cross road, sit by the edge of the road and use 3hours to fear women !! “Continue your journey afterwards.”

Uwem Udofia said: “Sonia, you are a darling. This expository prank will help men and women to zip up. Enough of cheating and betrayal of trust. I love your prank We must collectively reshape the society.”

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