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“I Don’t Kill People, I Only Buy Body Parts And I Use It To Cure Strokes And Heart Problem” – Suspect Confess



The Ogun State Police Command secured the arrests of some people involved in killing humans and selling their body parts for ritual purposes. One of the suspects made an honest confession of how he got body parts in his possession.

The suspect who’s identified as Fatai Jimoh alleged that he bought the body part from a seller known as Oluku and that it was for a medicinal purpose. According to him, the processes of the healing ritual entail using some part of the human body and that he learnt this from his forefathers.

He said, ‘I bought human part for 2000 naira from Oluku, I told him to give me meat and he cut little part of the body for me. I don’t kill people and I have never killed anybody in my life, I only buy body parts for the sole purpose of medicinal cures.

I use it to cure strokes and heart problem. When we buy Akara or pap, we sprinkle the body parts on the ritual and take it to a three-junction. When we do this for anybody, the person becomes whole again. I learned this work from my fore-fathers.”

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