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“I Didn’t Know That My Boyfriend Is A Ritualist, I’m A Married Woman And We Just Started Dating” – Suspect Lament



The Ogun State Police Command secured the arrests of some people involved in killing humans and selling their body parts for ritual purposes. One of the accomplices to the suspects has termed herself as a victim of circumstance.

The 35-year-old lady identified as Salawa Raji revealed that her boyfriend, Taiwo Olufese Ajalorun is the reason why she has been arrested by the police. She stated that they recently just met and agreed to date each other. According to her, she never knew that Taiwo is a ritualist.

She said, ”I came to meet my boyfriend in his house when the police caught me at the passage of his house. I didn’t know that he’s a ritualist, I’m a married woman and we just started dating about six months ago.

Even though I still live with my husband, I have a problem that made me decide to have an affair outside my marriage. I don’t frequently come to his house, my husband does not know that I have a boyfriend.”

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