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“I coughed out the tumor miraculously” – McDee narrates how he survived lung cancer without surgery



A Nigerian man identified as Mc Dee has given gratitude to God as he shared how he was miraculously cured of lung cancer.

Taking to his TikTok page, he shared a video of himself going through various tests and screenings and narrated his journey to survival.

According to him, he was not diagnosed immediately and had to repeatedly go through tests while rapidly losing weight.

The doctors eventually informed him his airway was being blocked by a tumor on his lung and insisted on removing his lungs revealing the procedure would cost around 3.7 million.

Fortunately and surprisingly, he apparently began coughing and coughed out the tumor before the procedure could be performed.

He wrote;

“God healed me from lung cancer. I coughed out the tumor miraculously. My left lung that was destroyed came back to life.

“The tumor was totally removed without surgery instead of surgery that will cost 3.7m I only got cough syrup. What God cannot do does not exist.”

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