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I Am A Pastor And I Sacrifice 6 People From My Church Every Year Ever Since I Joined Cultism – Man Confess



James (not his real name) who is a pastor in Nairobi in one of the interviews revealed that he sacrifices 6 people from his church every year ever since he joined Cultism. He has sacrificed 60 people in total.

According to him, he was ordained as a pastor when he was still young and had just married with one son. His church had few followers which made him admire his seniors who had many followers.

He used to attend dioceses meetings to learn from other pastors To gain followers. After 1 year a man who was an archbishop approached him and told him that he had been a very active member. Innocently, he told him that he wanted to learn their ways for his church to be full.

The archbishop gave him a date and when they met, he told him that he was in the right place and what he had to do was to give him followers and in return give them followers for his church to be full and also become rich.

He was given another date where they met all this time he didn’t disclose to his wife. When they met, he was given a contract of ten years to sign. They elaborated to him that he had to Sacrifice 6 people from his church each year.

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To start with he had to Sacrifice either his sister or his brother. He chose his brother and was given the contract to sign where he was cut on his finger and the blood was the one to be used to sign.

He was also given a ring and was told to never remove it. After a few months, his brother was involved in an accident that left him dead. His church grew big and rich people could attend and support his ministry. People would die mysteriously in his church.

After one year he counted the number of people that had died and it was 6 people. His business also was doing well and he became rich. After 10 years, he went back and was told to Sacrifice his mother and his Son so that he could become a leader but he told them to give him time.

He didn’t want to lose his mother and his son. He removed the ring but one year later, he told his driver to take his son and his mother to Murang’a to attend an event. According to him, they were involved in an accident where his mother and the son died on the spot but the driver came out without a scratch. He urged people to be cautious while making decisions because he is now regretting it.

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