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“Do you know how many people buy that phone” – Lady goes crazy after her dog breaks her iPhone 14 Pro max, gives it severe punishment (Video below)



A Nigerian lady has gone crazy after her dog destroyed her iPhone 14 Pro max and has dished out punishment for it.

The distraught lady shared a video online showing how she tied a stick to the dog’s collar, tied ropes to its legs and tails, sending it on a wild goose chase to free itself.

She lamented about how she gathered money from different people to be able to buy the iPhone 14 Pro max which has been damaged.

The lady said she decided to punish the animal in that manner so that it would be more careful around her phone when she buys a new one.

Social media users showed pity on the dog as they disclosed that the iPhone 14 Pro max was not broke intentionally.

While most showed some considerations, many shared their funny thoughts.

Watch the video below:

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