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Couple Discover They’re Siblings After 10 Years Of Marriage And Two Kids Together



An American couple has disclosed that they discovered they are siblings after 10 years of marriage and two children together.

The couple made this quite shocking disclosure in a video they shared on Tik Tok.

In the clip, the husband noted that he and his wife have been together for 13 years, and they now have two kids together, only to find out recently that they are siblings.

“I met this lady in 2008, we got married in 2011. We had our first child in 2011. We had our second child in 2015. We’ve been married 14 years, we’ve been together for 13. We’ve just recently found out we are brothers and sisters”, he said.

They, however, didn’t give further details about how they got to know they are siblings or their next course of action after the shocking discovery.

In other news, popular clergyman and movie producer, Mike Bamiloye, has claimed that fallen angels have taken over social media.

In a post shared via his Instagram page, the drama-evangelist said their ploy is to corrupt the minds of social media users, and many men and women are already possessed by evil spirits.

According to him, one can easily discern these fallen angels by the posts they share on their social media accounts.

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He wrote,

“Fallen angels have taken over social media. Using the platform to corrupt the mind of human. A lot of ladies and men are now possessed by evil spirit. By their social media posts and images, you shall know them.”

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