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“Baba no be real fight” – Old man watching WWE becomes very restless (Video below)



An excited WWE fan who was restless during a match has gone viral on TikTok after his video was posted. The short TikTok video of the man was captured and posted on January 6 by Olaminlekan Gold.

In the 34 seconds clip, the man was putting on no shirts at all and he was the only one watchig the wrestling match in a room.

Every move made by the wrestlers caught the man’s attention and he absolutley got excited and ran wild in the room. As the wrestling match progressed, the man became more restless as he could not sit still on the stool.

He kept shouting and making funny noises and moves in response to the actions in the TV. The man has gone viral after the video was posted and it gained over 65k views on TikTok alone.

Watch the video:

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