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A Mother Broke Down In Tears After Seeing Report Of Her Son After His Death, But People Noticed This



Death is a mystery. No one knows or will make you understand why our loved ones die when we list expect. Life is sometimes, very unfair. We fail to understand how death sometimes takes the only hope we have.

Leaving those who are not important and troubling innocent people. There is a sad post which was posted by one of Facebook users “Zambia Accurate Information”. The post has left many people in tears after the person left a hurtful message.

A mother has taken to her social media page after the Grade 12 matriculant results are out. It’s sad and heartbreaking to announce that she was supposed to celebrate her brother’s excellent, but she could not after the death took him where they least expected.

With Painful hearts, the mother revealed in the post that she was supposed to celebrate his wonderful performance in a special way, after he passed with distinctions in all the subjects. But she can’t since he is no longer with her.

The mother revealed in the past that her brother died in a car accident last year December 2022 while he was waiting for results. Apparently, Chanda Mutale was her son, he was her first born son.

The mother had also shown his impressive and excellent results in social media. Many people who saw the post were left emotional and heartbreaking to see that he died while waiting for matric results. It’s clear that her son was an “A” student in his class.

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Here are the subjects and the results he obtained:

1. ENG 1

2. Civil Education 2

3.RE 3

4. Geography 3

5. BEB 2 6. Maths 1

7. Biology1

8. Physical Science 1

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