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21yrs Old Boy Reportedly Becomes ‘Pregnant’ After Killing, Eating Pregnant Woman With His Gang in Bayelsa



This young man who hails from Okumbiri Community under Sagbama Local Government Area And Amatolo under Southern Ijaw, who is popularly known as elder, was carrying a pregnancy for over 9months.

It was strange for a boy of 21years old to be carrying a pregnancy, so they took him to different places for solution but the efforts made by his people were all in vain.

As an Ijaw people, people became suspicious that he might have offended the gods of the land, as tradition demands, they asked him to confess what ever sins he has committed for him to be saved. He(elder) can no longer hold it to himself, they took him to his father community(Okumbiri) community, there he confessed that.

He killed a pregnant woman with his gang and they cooked her(the pregnant woman they killed) and ate her like a dog, with other numerous evils to mention, since then he has been roaming around the streets of Amatolo community.

He died at the late hours of last night, 9th of January 2023. Indeed the evil men do is living after them. I’m so much happy about the pay back.

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