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“We’ve dated for only 1 month”- Lady rejects lover who proposed with car



A Nigerian man organised a romantic marriage proposal in Lagos state expecting his babe to be blown away and accept without hesitation but she disappointed him..

The man proposed to her with a brand new Lexus outside a popular shopping mall in Festac, Lagos state, but she turned down his proposal because they have been dating for only a month.

In a video which has gone viral, he could be seen on his knees beside the car which had been designed with balloons and flowers with the words; ‘Will You Marry Me’.

The lady was stunned by her man’s decision to ask for her hand in marriage because she felt it was too early in their relationship.

Onlookers were persuading her to say yes but she stood her ground and wondered why they would be expecting her to agree to marry a man she entered a relationship with a month ago.

Watch the video below:.

omoleyehannah; I want to believe any Public Proposal we still see now na skit, because…..

silasernny; But how can you as a man be doing this just 1 month..I support the girl. Some girls will foolishly accept because a car is involved and after some months of marriage they will break up.. Courtship is very important before marriage…My opinion shaa.

declutter_sell_ph; Men need to start understanding that not every lady is desperate for marriage these days. If you like carry G-waggon. Women are beginning to go for what they want.

mhiz_bgeal; Just one month of relationship and you wanna propose to her haba o wrong na

diva.prime; No be this guy way book ticket for one girl make she come Abuja way d girl no come be this?

officialmandy2; No be this guy been claim say him send girl flight money she divert and go see her man. Now this uncle sha wan trend… if you went to oko poly between 2014 to 2018 you go know say this guy just like noise. Wo na acting

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