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“They Are Funny” – Beautiful Moment As Twin Kids Imitate The Way Their Grandfather Walks (Video below)



The video of two kids imitating the way their grandfather walks has gained over 13 million views on TikTok. The video was posted by 4sunshine Baby who said the kids were left with their grandfather recently.

In the short clip which lasted just 8 seconds, the two children followed their grandfather closely.

The old man walked in a bent position, so the children found it interesting to copy and walk like him.

Of course, they were able to copy him perfectly and followed him all through in the company of a dog. People who have come accross the video describe it as funny and cute.

The video was captioned: “These two little guys have been together with grandpa recently, and today they even have the same pace.” At the moment, the video has recieved over 261k like clicks and more than 3000 comments.

Watch Video Below:


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