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Man in shock as friend munches his food after girlfriend served him breakfast by marrying someone else



A Nigerian man has recounted the time a friend was served breakfast by his babe when an unexpected situation pushed her marry someone else.

The narrator identified on Twitter as @CRawkeen, said his buddie’s girlfriend got pregnant for another man during the peak of COVID-19 lockdown.

An emergency wedding was immediately organised and held, and this meant that her relationship with her boyfriend ended.

According to @CRawkeen, the heartbroken man visited him to lament over the situation when he was cooking spaghetti and plantain.

He said he was shocked when he served the man food and he immediately picked up fork to eat despite his eyes being flooded with tears.

He asked his pal how he was able to still have appetite to eat despite being heartbroken and the guy said he should allow him eat.

@CRawkeen wrote;

”A friend was narrating how his GF got pregnant for another guy during Covid,and she had an emergency wedding. As he was talking amidst misty eyes,I was cooking,so I served him spag and plantain.He quickly picked fork.I said you wey dey cry now now,he said Jide make i chop abeg.”

Read the post and some comments below…

@daygeetee; Person suffer heartbreak, you still want make hunger kill am. That’s how my former office ẹ̀gbọ́n saw his fiancee’s traditional wedding on a TV programme that year. Someone that said she was going to Ibadan to see her parents.

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@EngrRozaq; He only could eat that food coz he has gotten over the heartbreak, and why did you think he should put eating behind the narration, you self ehn😂💔

@SamboFaith4; He has to eat nah in order to gain energy and strength to continue the cry. And the food might help him forget about the disappointment 🙄

@beebayuu; It is inside energy that we use to carry outside one… Abi how do Yoruba people use to say it…

@Cjakinbo; Your not a good person, why you go ask am dat kind question… You want hunger to finish him.

In other news, a 33-year-old woman has shared her marital dilemma online and sought advice from social media users on how to handle the matter which involves her husband and sister.

She caught her husband engaging in intimacy with her younger sister on the sofa in the living room of their matrimonial home.

The story was shared on TikTok by an Influencer who had been contacted by the affected woman to help her circulate it.

According to the lady who is devastated, her sister who stays with them during holidays is set to get married in three months time and the discovery complicates everything.

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The wife works as a caterer while her husband is a businessman and they have been married for five years.

She revealed that she supports her sister who is in nursing school because their mum, a widow, is unable to do so due to her poor financial state.

Explaining what happened, the wife said she is hardly ever at home due to the tasking nature of her work, so she usually gives her sister food to give her husband in her absence.

What she did not know is that they have been using that time to cheat and she only just caught them in the act during one of those days she sent her sister to deliver food to her man at home.

She, however said that since the incident, he’s been scared of her calmness and manner of approach as he fears she might poison him.

The wife, who has already sent her sibling home doesn’t know how to break news to their mother who is hypertensive.

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