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Fear grips customers as salon workers suddenly start acting like they’re possessed (video)



Customers who visited a salon to do their hair were thrown into confusion and panic when employees of the establishment suddenly went into what seemed like a trance.

A video circulating on social media showed some ladies acting as if they were possessed and it started with one who is said to be their boss.

One after the other, the workers began to act weird and it caused confusion as the customers had to stand up and watch the drama being displayed in shock.

The person who shared the video said they were possessed by a spirit and that was the reason for their unexplainable behaviour.

The ladies were rolling on the floor, moving back and forth in a frenzied manner and hilding their heads like someone who is mentally unstable would do.

luckydamilolaabraham112; Which kind thing b this. Nah only poor people spirit they catch. Otedola pikin no fit do this joor

afaraoko; People make ọgbanje Dey worry una say na Holy Spirit enter them.

iamdmix; E no hard like this for imeko self 😂

hmuchh; Person don go puff colos for there

mixin_bowls; I hope you know not all spirit that possesses someone is of God

bernard__paid; All of us Dey mad for this country

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