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Embarrassing moment Carter Efe got snubbed by Wizkid backstage (video)



Skit maker, Carter Efe finally got a chance to meet his favorite singer, Ayo ‘Wizkid’ Balogun, but it did turn out as well as he wished..

Wiz snubbed Carter Efe despite his attempts to get his attention at the recently held Landmark Beach concert in Lagos state.

In a video posted online, the duo could be seen backstage when the skit-maker started hailing Big Wiz who was apparently waiting to be called on stage for his performance.

Carter, who was not able to get up-close with the Grammy winner had to hail him from a few feet away, but Wizkid did not look at him or acknowledge his presence.

Rising singer, Berri Tiga was together with Efe when he kept praising Wizkid but did not get a response.

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