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Brilliant Nigerian Lady Creates Smart Bulb Controlled With Hand Clap (Video below)



A Nigerian software engineer identified as Helen Ugoeze Okereke, has designed a smart bulb that functions automatically.

She programmed the electric bulb to come on with the aid of human control by way of clapping her hand instead of standing up to turn a switch on.

The lady shared a video demonstrating how it works and she revealed that no other sound can turn it on except a hand clap.

Helen said she had to specifically programme it to respond to only her clap and no other noise or sound no matter how loud they are. She admitted that it was not an easy task to make sure the code differentiates the sounds.

In the video, the developer hit the table which the bulb was placed on to see if it will automatically turn on the bulb but that did not happen.

When she clapped her hand once, the smart bulb immediately showed bright light. She had to clap her hand twice to turn it off.

Taking to her Twitter page to show off her innovation, Helen wrote; ”Building a smart bulb that is controlled with a clap. The bulb turn on automatically when you clap and off when you double clap.”

See her post below:

@InhumanEkeh said; This is beautiful. Although during house devotion bulb might explode cause of excess clapping

Responding, @UgoezeHelen said; No, it only accepts double clap to off the led, the clap during morning devotion requires continuous clapping which the program won’t accept to off the bulb, to off this bulb, I captured the seconds it took to make a second clap and it must be just two continuous claps.

@wizzy_mo; Hi Helen, great work and what I like most about you is the way you’re responding to criticism on here. Shows you’re a great investor and who always wants to learn more. For people correcting her grammar, how many developers times do you correct your Tech Lead in a meeting?

@Henrycodes01; This is a wonderful project . I suggest you make a better short video explaining the methodology and the application. Include materials and software you used. Then upload the video to formal sites like LinkedIn. I’m sure such a project would get you in the limelight for a job.

@UgoezeHelen responded; Twitter just cuts and upload only the last 45s of a video. I made a full video with those details and I uploaded to both my LinkedIn and Facebook page (Helen Okereke). I also have a YouTube channel where I share the procedures and requirements for each project(@helen_codeaddict).

@Ka_f_id; Nice one. What if there’s someone elsewhere holding the switch and waiting on your claps? I normally assume this in movies too so don’t comman roast me please 😂

@UgoezeHelen; Yeah I knew some would think like this, that is why I added something else, watch the video closely, there is a machine on the table if you notice whenever I clap a green led blinks from the machine showing that it received a data, could the led be false too? I purposely added it.

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