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Police Allegedly Arrest Actress Eniola Badmus After Ifeanyi Nanny Confess About Their Phone Conversation (Video below)



Nigerian actress and Davido’s childhood friend, Eniola Badmus has been allegedly arrested in connection with the death of the singer’s son, Ifeanyi Adeleke jnr. The reported arrest has left myriad of Nigerians agog as many share mixed views.

According to a vlogger, Ifeanyi’s nanny confessed to the police during interrogation and fingered Eniola as the person who distracted her.

Speaking in a now-viral video, the vlogger claimed Eniola Badmus reportedly called the nanny on her mobile phone and she stepped aside, leaving Ifeanyi to receive her call.

Being that her attention was taken away from the 3-year-old boy, he wandered off and found himself at the pool.

It may also be recalled that Eniola was the first person to break the sad news about Ifeanyi’s drowning on social media. After learning what happened from the Nanny, she immediately went online to post about the sad event. earlier reported that Prophet Samuel King, who predicted the sad event months ago, urged Davido to take heed to his words.

He had prophesied on 7th January, 2022 that there is an arrow of death over Davido’s son, Ifeanyi. The cleric called on people to pray for the father-of-four to avert any tragedy that may happen to his family in the year.

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He said that he sees danger following the DMW boss even into next year, 2023 and the only way to cancel it was to pray.

”GLOBAL_PROPHECY PRAY FOR DAVID ADELEKE aka Davido. In a vision saw 2022 with so many opportunities for him, reward and awards!

“This is the biggest year for him even until 2023! But let’s pray Against any arrow of death ESPECIALLY against his son! Any any close loved ones. God revealed this to me that it will happen if prayers are not MADE. I see T and Y as a very significant clue to this prophecy as well. THINGS ARE HAPPENING!” he wrote on Facebook.

In a fresh video making the rounds online, Prophet Samuel said there may be more tragic events to come in 2023.

He said that he received the prophesy on 1st January 2022, seven days before he posted it on January 7, and the reason he delayed was because he wanted to be sure.

According to him, when he gave the prophesy, people thought he was a fake pastor who just wanted fame, but the recent development has proved him right.

He then explained that in his January 7th message, there were two letters he mentioned, T and Y, which are of great significance.

The T stands for Thursday, which is the day Ifeanyi’s birthday fell on, whereas for the Y, the clergyman said it will be better for him to tell Davido’s family what it means.

He further urged him to be prayerful and noted that he will find a way to reach the singer to disclose the last clue explaining what Y means.

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