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“Na she first get belle?” – Man sends his heavily pregnant wife packing after she caught him with his Side Chic



A Nigerian man has sent his heavily pregnant wife packing from their matrimonial home after she caught him with another woman.

A video making rounds online shows the moment the man lambasted his wife in the presence of his side chic and their neighbours despite her condition.

In the video, the pregnant wife, who was weeping profusely, said she returned home to pick up an item she forgot, only to meet her husband with another woman.

However, the husband who wasn’t remorseful over his actions asked her to leave the house immediately because he doesn’t want to see her.

A concerned resident who came to intervene in the matter, reminded the husband that his wife is pregnant with his child but he shunned her and asked if she is the first woman to get pregnant.

Meanwhile, the side chic who was tying only a towel, kept adding fuel to the matter as she slammed the pregnant wife for not leaving.

The wife was filled with regrets and disclosed that she was warned against marrying the man but she refused and now she’s paying the price for her stubbornness but the husband kept saying, “Commot for here I no need you”.

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