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Man In Shock As His Wife Admits She’d Cheat On Him For N10 Million



A Nigerian man has expressed fears that his wife may cheat on him giving a recent comment she made.

The guy known as King of Guam @KingofGuam1 on Twitter, said his wife revealed that she would cheat on him if she finds a man that can give her 10 million Naira.

He said they were having a conversation about some of his married friends who cheat with other men’s wives when she spoke her mind.

According to him, his wife condemned the women engaging in adultery, however, she said she would only cheat if the amount offered to her is N10m.

King of Guam was shocked by her response because he had always trusted her to remain faithful.

He revealed that after hearing what was in her mind, he kept quiet because he was too stunned and in disbelief to respond.

He explained how the trust he had in her started shaking when he saw how she acts strange whenever she gets huge amounts of money.

Guam further sought advice on what social media users think his wife may do in the future if the circumstances presents itself.

In his words; ”I was discussing with my wife yesterday about some married guys I know who were dating other people’s wife.

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She was like, “How will women act like that bcos of how much? See, I can only leave u if I see a man who will gives me #10 Million Naira cash!” I kept quiet but held it.

I have always trusted her, until recently she made some moves bcos she got big funds. I av seen her acts when she has big cash, it was terrible, but I moved on. But she said this now when we were gisting. Should I just expect anything from now on?”

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