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Man Cries After Zenith Bank Turned Him Down At A Job Interview Due To A Tweet



A social media user named @djbantiben1 has recounted his ordeal after Zenith Bank refused to employ him due to a sarcastic tweet he made against the bank two years ago. The Tweet, made in 2020, caused the man to lose a lucrative job at the bank.

The man who took to Twitter to express his regrets said he wept like a baby.

The ‘offensive tweet He said:

“I went for a job interview last week at Zenith Bank. One woman from HR walked in and showed me this my tweet from 2020.”

He quoted a tweet that called the bank the most useless bank in Africa. According to him, he has learned his lesson. Nigerians react Many tweeps scolded the man for saying something like that and went to the same bank searching for a job. “We keep telling them,” one person responded. Another said the banks due their due diligence before employing anybody.

It happens… They do their due diligence before You’re employed. Even Embassies and the like do it too. Just be careful what you say online. Or it will be used against one in the nearest future,”.

Others said banks engage consultants who stalk social media to look for trolls or anything negative about them. “She doesn’t have to do it herself, the company can engage a consultant to do social media profiling of the candidates or their IT department can be tasked with that. The dynamics are not what they used to be,” yet another person responded.

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