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“Kids Will Test You” – Boy Pours Black Paint All Over The House, Makes Big Mess



A naughty boy stunned netizens when he covered his family’s living room and himself in black paint.

Boy created a mess in living room @kulanicool shared the clip online showing the little boy trying to clean himself after his messy adventure.

The Twitter post also showed the cameraman asking what the little guy was doing, to which the child said that he was washing his hands in an oblivious way.

The damage was extensive, considering that a massive leather couch and fabric-made ottoman got covered with the difficult-to-remove substance. What truly is the icing on the cake is the toddler adorably smiling, not realizing the extent of the damage that was done.

South Africans also pointed out that the child’s fate wouldn’t be as pleasant if it were a black child. Peeps were utterly shocked by the clip, and some shared fire memes.

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