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“If you earn N1 daily you won’t make $1 in a year” – Marketer raises concerns over naira value



A Nigerian lady simply known as Tolu has expressed worry over the continuous decline of the naira in terms of value.

The digital marketer did a comparative analysis using dollars and noted that with the current exchange rate against the naira, if someone earns N1 everyday, that person will still not be able to make up to $1 after 365 days.

Tolu took to Twitter to raise concerns and other Nigerians on the platform came to the realisation that it is factual.

She tweeted; ”The difference between 1Naira and $1 is so big that if you Earn 1Naira everyday you won’t make $1 in a year.”

See the post:

In reaction, @Omo_wunmi_ wrote; You’ll even be making half of it – N365 < $1

@theakorede; On black market, two years never reach

@OTunBa7; 2Naira everyday still won’t get you a dollar in a year…

@Tegadeyforyou; Wow. Calculating this. It’s so true oh

@GallantMaverick; 1Naira everyday for a year can’t even get data subscription that’ll last for a week🥺

@StarkParsifal; it will take 2 years.. if lucky it doesn’t dip more

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