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Ex-big Boy Breaks Down In Tears Over Being Abandoned By Everyone After Going Broke (Video below)



A former Nigerian big boy has cried out after losing all the wealth he used to display on social media.

He reportedly claimed that everyone who used to flock around him when he was still big have all abandoned him.

The young man shared a video of him crying bitterly online while singing along to Seyi Vibez’ song which captured his feelings at the moment.

It was gathered that after losing everything, he returned to his former life in the trenches and has been struggling to make it again.

Watch video of him crying:

Similarly, another young Nigerian man recently went online to announce that his wealth is so much yet he has limited time to enjoy everything.

The big boy identified as @guccilord26 took to video-sharing platform, TikTok, to show off a mansion and luxurious car.

He said that he has only two years left on earth to spend N8 billion (Eight Billion Naira).

In the video clip, there was a voice over which said that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission should get ready to investigate the source of his income.

He filmed himself standing outside the mansion and getting ready to hop into the whipe which was not parked in the compound.

According to guccilord, he purchased the multimillion naira house in Banana Island, Lagos stae.

He shared the video with the caption; “EFCC should get ready cos I have only 2 years to spend 8 billion”

Mixed reactions trailed his post but many netizens asked for his help on how they can also get rich.

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