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‘Even a robot couldn’t do it’ — Schoolgirl gives her dad lecture with tears in her eyes (Video)



A video of a primary school student in Tianjin, China pleading with her father to give her more play time has gone viral on Chinese social media..

In the video that lasted slightly more than two minutes and posted on China’s video sharing platform Douyin on Oct 14, the student named “Ting Ting” can be seen reasoning with her father in between sobs.

“Respectfully, may I ask you a question?” the teary-eyed girl asks.

“Do I treat you badly? Do I have any weaknesses? Is there anything I’m doing wrong? Whatever it is, you can tell me. I will change.

“But I need my free time,” she continues. “I can’t spend all my time studying. In order to study, I need work-life balance. Do you understand?

“I’ve already finished my homework, I’ve gotten everything done, is it a problem that I play?”

In response, the 47-year-old father replies feebly: “No, fine, you can play. But you cannot play too long.”

The girl comes to her own defence — she sleeps at 9pm and has never played past midnight.

“You’ve been good recently,” her father admits to the indignation of his daughter.

“Recently? I’ve been a good girl every single day!” she exclaims.

The father goes on to say that he does not have high expectations of his daughter.

“I know,” Ting Ting retorts, “but whatever you are asking of me, even a robot couldn’t do it. Even if I grew eight hands, I couldn’t get any busier!”

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Ting Ting then assures her father that she is independent and fully capable of taking care of herself. Instead, she advises her father to shift his focus on dealing with his own issues such as paying the mortgage and earning rent.

“Here are my last words for you,” Ting Ting declares. “Please treasure our childhood times.”

The video, posted on the father-daughter duo’s joint account, gained three million views within two weeks.

Many people who use Douyin praised Ting Ting for being quick-witted and well-spoken, pointing out that she has the talents to be a lawyer.

One commented: “Her logic is sound and points are clear; she said what many adults can’t even think of… She has a knack for debate and a natural gift to be a lawyer.”

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